Triple Bottom Line

The theory and practice of sustainable business recognizes that the economy, environment, and society (the triple bottom line) are interconnected and interdependent, and strive to enhance the business model so that it can flourish and thrive to benefit future generations.

Peacock Solar Photovoltaic Array

Previous hour watt hours produced
Number of 4 ft. fluorescent lights
powered by solar:  ##
(watt hours produced/40=#of lights powered by solar)
Number of coffee pots brewed
by solar power today:  ##
(watt hours current day usage/75=# of coffee pots)

Total Building Electric Use
This page displays Peacock Hall's total building electric use in several different ways. These graphs are intended to encourage students and staff to think about their energy use and to start decreasing it when possible. So please, turn off lights and computers when you are finished with them.

Water Use in Peacock Hall
* Standard 20,000 gallon Swimming Pool
** Standard 1000 gallon Fire Truck
*** Standard 100 gallon Bathtub